Comprehensive Centers Awarded

Press Release

WestEd’s role in nationwide technical assistance is to help states advance their educational reforms.

WestEd will be playing several different roles in the national program of technical assistance.

WestEd is pleased to be serving:

  • Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia through the Mid-Atlantic Comprehensive Center,
  • California through the California Regional Comprehensive Center,
  • Arizona, Nevada, and Utah through the West Regional Comprehensive Center,
  • Colorado in the Central Regional Comprehensive Center and New Mexico in the South Central Regional Comprehensive Center, as subcontractor to the University of Oklahoma, and
  • New England states as a subcontractor to RMC Research in the operation of the Northeast Regional Comprehensive Center.

WestEd will also operate the National Center on School Turnaround and the National Center on Standards and Assessment Implementation to assist all regional comprehensive centers and their state clients. In addition, American Institutes for Research, which operates the Midwest and Great Lakes Comprehensive Centers has selected WestEd to serve as its external evaluator, as has Pacific Resources for Education in Learning for its operation of the Pacific Regional Comprehensive Center.

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