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In 2009, Delaware finalized a strategic plan based on extensive input from all interested parties to serve as a blueprint for actions to ensure that every student would graduate from high school ready to succeed in postsecondary education or a career. The plan laid the groundwork for actions by state legislators and administrators as well as local officials, going forward. It was also the basis for the state’s Race to the Top program funded in 2011 and its ESEA waiver granted in 2012.

Secretary of Education Mark Murphy took office on June 1, 2012 and met with MACC@WestEd leadership for the first time that December. He and his senior staff defined priorities for attention by the partnership between Delaware’s Department of Education and MACC@WestEd addressing education workforce needs and data needs around their 44 Race to the Top initiatives.


Current Areas of Work

Increase the state’s capacity to help local districts recruit and select strong educators

  • Background: Drawing on research about recruitment and selection practices effective in charter schools nationwide, the Center compiled instruments and scoring guides last year to guide charter school leaders in defining competencies desired of new teachers, preparing procedures for attracting them, assessing them through written materials, interviews, and demonstration lessons—and structuring the process around the state’s human capital model and components of their education evaluation system (Delaware Performance Appraisal System, DPAS II). The “toolkit” was introduced to charter educators in spring of 2014. It is a product now of Delaware’s Department of Education and is featured on charter school national websites such as
  • Current Work: Based on the popularity and reported usefulness of the recruitment and selection toolkit for charter school educators, the Center is modifying modules to reflect processes and procedures in public school districts, and is highlighting examples from districts that used competency-based models, such as Chicago. Human Resource Directors from Delaware’s districts will be introduced to the toolkit in spring of 2015 and will provide periodic feedback about its usefulness and needs for further development.

Assist with the design and implementation of a new approach to strengthen persistently low performing schools

  • Background: After review of outcomes of the state’s approach to assisting low-performing schools, senior state staff examined results attributable to use of other models in other sites and decided to modify Delaware’s approach to emphasize district and school decision-making and accountability.
  • Current Work: In concert with staff from the national Center on School Turnaround, MACC@WestEd assisted Delaware staff with definition and documentation of the new model based on approaches in other states that also emphasize local decision making and accountability. The state and affected districts have negotiated and agreed on the Memoranda of Understanding and assistance will proceed to capacity building around new monitoring and feedback strategies appropriate for the new approach.


For more information about MACC@WestEd’s work with Delaware, contact us at or call 202.471.2469.



Delaware Announcements Archive


Delaware’s Charter School Teacher Recruitment and Selection Toolkit

The Delaware Department of Education’s Charter School Teacher Recruitment and Selection Toolkit is a resource for charter school leaders. Aligned with Delaware’s human capital strategies and educator evaluation system, it provides easy access to best practices, potential procedures, examples from public charter schools around the country, and templates for charter school leaders to use and/or adapt.

Click here for the complete Toolkit.

Click here for slides from a presentation about the Toolkit.

Regional Initiative to Build State Capacity Toward College and Career Readiness and Success: Making It Real

The MACC@WestEd is offering a program of regional technical assistance to SEA leaders in its 5 states designed to build each state’s capacity to more fully and effectively move towards College and Career Readiness and Success (CCRS). See the Regional Initiative Overview here.

On June 30th, MACC@WestEd held the first of a series of CCRS working group meetings. MACC@WestEd partnered with the College and Career Readiness and Success Center (CCRS Center) to facilitate a forum where state teams began to specify the expectations for what students should know and be able to do based on their state’s overall vision for CCRS. Future working group meetings will focus on measuring and strategies for achieving each state’s CCRS goals.

Materials from the event
Resources from the College and Career Readiness and Success Center
  • Constructing an Operational Definition: Individual Reflection: Word doc, PDF
  • Action Plan: Creating an Operational CCRS Definition: Word doc, PDF
  • Legislative and Operational Definition Crosswalk: DC, MD, NJ, PA [Word Doc]
    DC, MD, NJ, PA [PDF]
Handouts of Framework & State Examples 

Framework Examples

State Examples



Comprehensive Centers Awarded

Press Release

WestEd’s role in nationwide technical assistance is to help states advance their educational reforms.

WestEd will be playing several different roles in the national program of technical assistance.

WestEd is pleased to be serving:

  • Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia through the Mid-Atlantic Comprehensive Center,
  • California through the California Regional Comprehensive Center,
  • Arizona, Nevada, and Utah through the West Regional Comprehensive Center,
  • Colorado in the Central Regional Comprehensive Center and New Mexico in the South Central Regional Comprehensive Center, as subcontractor to the University of Oklahoma, and
  • New England states as a subcontractor to RMC Research in the operation of the Northeast Regional Comprehensive Center.

WestEd will also operate the National Center on School Turnaround and the National Center on Standards and Assessment Implementation to assist all regional comprehensive centers and their state clients. In addition, American Institutes for Research, which operates the Midwest and Great Lakes Comprehensive Centers has selected WestEd to serve as its external evaluator, as has Pacific Resources for Education in Learning for its operation of the Pacific Regional Comprehensive Center.

Comprehensive Centers PDF

Read more About WestEd’s involvement in the
Comprehensive Centers (PDF)