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Technical Assistance Services Provided Regionwide

MACC@WestEd helps education leaders collaborate across states to advance initiatives that are high priorities they share. The Center offers expert consultants on relevant topics, compilations of information about best practices underway in other states, and opportunities for sharing observations and materials, in person or through a variety of web-based activities.

We seek consensus from national experts and senior leadership in our five states to define the programs of work to be offered regionally. They can be short-term—such as an early briefing we hosted by staff of the Council of Chief State School Officers about support they were offering to states to improve teacher preparation programs and another summarizing research on teachers’ preparation in data usage—or longer-term, ongoing efforts that span more than one year.

Currently, multi-year programs of work are underway addressing:

  • How states can create or revise their definitions of “college and career readiness” to develop metrics and progress of students along a continuum toward readiness, a joint program of work with the College and Career Readiness and Success Center.
  • What sorts of online training resources can be developed to help states prepare their teachers to instruct English Learners to achieve rigorous academic standards such as the common core state standards, a joint program of work with the Mid-Atlantic Equity Center.
  • What are best practices for providing better learning opportunities for young children, a joint program of work with the Center on Early Education Learning Opportunities.
  • How states can define the quality of teacher preparation programs in terms of outcomes, such as their graduates’ ratings in state teacher evaluation systems and other measures.
  • State showcases: a series of webinars where senior state staff describe recent advances through their partnership with MACC@WestEd.

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